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The Longer Tail has teamed up with Westkin Associates to offer Immigration services to our key US based clients.

Westkin Associates are a specialist immigration law firm situated in the heart of Mayfair, London with practice teams in all aspects of immigration law, including Investors, Entrepreneurs and applications for UK Work Permits under Tier 2.

Their immigration lawyers are available to assist you with all your immigration matters, from initial immigration applications to the Home Office through to immigration appeals before the Asylum & Immigration Tribunal. If you have set up in the UK and are expanding into Europe, there are distinct advantages to bringing over key staff.

1) Consistency of service

Relationships matter. If your team is established in the states and your focus is shifting to the UK and the EU, what better than to have someone that is already dealing with that market move across. They may not know the contacts in London’s media land but if they know the clients, there is a consistency of service that will only be strengthened with the addition of local teams.

2) Knowledge

Existing staff knows what works and the systems that you operate better than anyone. They will be able to help your London team in problem resolution without the need for the local team to await when the US comes on line.

3) Internal relationships

Water cooler catch ups can’t happen over different time lines and office locations. Meetings via Skype are essential but relationships only happen when people meet. Your key team members know each other personally as well as professionally so to help move things along, its a great idea to have a UK office with existing US staff. Things just get done quicker if relationships are already there.

Westkin Associates can help with all aspects of immigration law and have a number of services including weekend and same day service. Contact Us for an introduction.

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